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Nine recommended
Books about Whales

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“Souls in the Sea: Dolphins,
Whales, and Human Destiny”

by Scott Taylor
Frog Ltd./Vision (2003)
ISBN 1583940715

“The Whaling Season:
An … Account of the Struggle
to Stop Commercial Whaling”

by Kieran Mulvaney
Island Press (2003)
ISBN 1559639784

“Whales and Dolphins”
by Mark Carwardine, Erich Hoyte,
R. E. Fordyce
Collins (1999)
ISBN 0002201054

“Gray Whales,
Wandering Giants”

by Robert H. Busch
Orca Book Publishers (1998)
ISBN 1551431149

“Whales (Wildlife in Danger)”
by Louise Martin
Rourke Publishing (2002)
ISBN 1589520246

“The Whale Watcher’s Guide:
Whale-Watching Trips in
North America”

by Roger Payne
Northword Press (1999)
ISBN: 1559716835

“Whales and Dolphins in
Question: The Smithsonian
Answer Book”

by James G. Mead, Joy P. Gold
Smithsonian Books (2002)
ISBN 1560989556

(WorldLife Library Special)”

by Phil Clapham
Colin Baxter Photography (2001)
ISBN 1841070955

“Whale: Giant of the Ocean”
by Eric S. Grace
Pub Group West (1997)
ISBN 1571456031