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Here you will find links
to ecology groups and Internet pages
about whales and/or whaling.

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International Fund for
Animal Welfare

Founded in 1969 the IFAW has grown
to become the world’s leading
international animal welfare
organization in 13 countries around
the world.
This international non-profit
organization has been campaigning
against environmental degradation
since 1971. Greenpeace acts in a
non-violent, politically and
economically independent manner.
“Wal und Mensch” (Whale and Man)
is a course of lectures at the
School of Veterinary Medicine
Hannover. Scientists from Germany
and the European bordercountries
present their work about whales
and dolphins.
This site is also available
in English.
Whale and Dolphin
Conservation Society

Established in 1987 in Bath (England),
WDCS is dedicated to the conservation
and welfare of whales and dolphins.
It is the world’s most active
non-profit-making organisation. WDCS
concentrates especially on conservation,
research and education projects.
International Whaling Commission
The IWC was founded in 1946 –
first in order to regulate international
fishing quotes. Today the Convention’s
purpose is to conserve whale stocks
and thus to facilitate the proper
development of the whaling industry.
International Union for
Conservation of Nature and
Natural Resources

The IUCN was founded in 1948, its
headquarters is located in Gland,
Switzerland. IUCN’s mission is to
coordinate environmental protection
Convention on International
Trade in Endangered Species of
Wild Fauna and Flora

CITES is an international agreement
between Governments since 1973.
Its aim is to ensure that
international trade in specimens of
wild animals and plants does not
threaten their survival.
Worldwide Fund for Nature
The conservation organization,
formerly known as “World Wildlife
Fund”, was founded 1961.
The WWF is the world’s largest
privately financed environmental
organization. Its purpose is to
protect endangered species and
their habitats.